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Scroll down to find inspiration for your school's journey to net zero. Explore project ideas, step-by-step toolkits, resources, and project case studies. No matter where you’re starting from, you’re on the path! The options are endless and any steps towards sustainability are steps in the right direction!

Assess your school's sustainability status.

Identify an area for improvement.

Investigate how your school and comunity are impacted.

Implement a solution through your Illinois Green Schools Project.

Student Participation is Key!

Projects should be designed in collaboration with students, and allow students to be actively involved in the planning, implementation, and sharing of final results and accomplishments. 

Consider Incorporating
Multiple Perspectives

We recommend finding ways to incorporate multiple perspectives into your project. Connect students and community members to STEM concepts by incorporating and nourishing skills in humanities, art, writing, and creative expression!

What does it mean to be Net Zero?

Based on EPA definitions, Net Zero means consuming only as much energy as is produced, achieving a sustainable balance between water availability and demand, and eliminating solid waste sent to landfills. Every effort we make to reduce our impacts as individuals and community members, brings us that much closer to net zero!

Therefore, The Illinois Green Schools Project aims to help schools advance on the path to net zero through three major categories:




Projects that choose to address one of these topics through their project receive an extra 5 points in the mini grant and final submission assessment rubrics.



Design an Energy Project

Design a Water Project

Design a Waste Project