Glen Ellyn School District: Water Conservation Initiative in District 41

  • Project Type: Path to Net Zero, Water Conservation
  • Staff: 1
  • Parent Volunteers: 2
  • Mentors: Gilbane Co.
  • Location: Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Grade Level: 3rd & 5th

The Project

The Glen Ellyn Green Team, composed of mentors from Gilbane Building Company, District representatives, and two dedicated parent volunteers, came together to review and update the district's water conservation curriculum. Students gathered for educational and locally grounded presentations on conservation, the built environment, and lead pipe replacement. Students were able to participate through persuasive writing activities and poster making for community outreach.

The Gilbane Building Company team visited schools "dressed the part" with hard hats, vests, and other safety and construction equipment, and brought sample pipes and other visual aids to show students how water is distributed through their community.

The team also informed students about Glenn Ellyn's lead pipe replacement project to provide additional real-life context for the content.

While the project was originally intended for two of the four schools within District 41, it was eventually able to be offered to all four schools, significantly increasing the project's impact!