recycling symbol

Lockport Township High School: Learning and Living out ESG

Students: 30
Staff: 4
Mentor: Eileen Whitemiller
Project type: Waste reduction
Location: Lockport, IL
Grade levels: 9-12

Starting in the cafeteria, the school has created a share-table where uneaten food can be donated for those in need, reducing the amount of food waste generated and associated GHG emissions.

Speaking of food waste, the school has also started composting: in the classroom, the students are learning the benefits and process of the great alternative to refuse through a hands-on example. With spring arriving, the students and faculty will be creating a community garden on the school grounds. They'll be growing native plants in the soil generated from the compost project and using reclaimed water gathered from rainwater captured in recycled pickle barrels.

Other events were hosted that contributed to the education and impact of waste reduction, including recycling wars in the lunchroom, tennis balls and writing materials recycling programs, and donation of shoes.