Carmel Catholic High School: Responsible School Waste Plan

Winner: First Place High School

Carmel High School's project was awarded as the First Place High School by the Illinois Green Schools Project Reviewers.

Students: 29
Staff: 15
Mentor: Stephanie Richardson
Project type: Path to Net Zero, Waste Reduction
Location: Mundelein, IL
Grade levels: 9-12

The Project

As a participant in the 2022-23 cohort of the Illinois Green Schools Project, Carmel High School embarked on a plan to responsibly reduce waste generated by students, teachers, and faculty. This program focused on cutting down cafeteria waste, classroom waste, and electronic waste. As the initiatives unfolded, the community suggested additional programs which have since been implemented.

The program involved two classes: a dual credit environmental science class and a dual credit human ecological footprint class, both of which are offered for juniors and seniors.