Every year, Illinois Green Alliance organizes educational events, training, and community engagement initiatives, which help train professionals, educate the public, and implement carbon drawdown technology and practices in buildings and neighborhoods across the region.

Learn more below on how you can take action in your own home and community, or how you can volunteer your time and expertise to advance carbon drawdown strategies throughout Chicagoland.

Efficient Chicago

Learn more about Efficient Chicago: Illinois Green’s program for partnering with non-profit, affordable housing, and community buildings.

Youth and Green Schools

Learn more about Illinois Green’s programs with youth and green schools.

Residential Green Buildings

Learn more about programs for homes and residential green buildings through Illinois Green.

Check out our calendar for great educational programs about carbon drawdown and other green building strategies.

Other Resources

We also work to connect buildings to other programs and resources available in Chicago and Illinois.

Call (312-245-8300 ext. 202) or email Laurel Kruke, Program Manager, to find out more.