Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our Values

Illinois Green Alliance firmly believes addressing racism is critical if we are to effectively address climate change. Environmental sustainability and social justice are inextricably linked. For that reason, we are committed to ensuring our organizational mission and strategy are equitable, inclusive, and just. We are committed to equipping our leaders and staff with tools and mindsets that advance equity in our work and dismantle systemic oppression.

We believe all communities deserve green buildings.

Every neighborhood deserves the opportunity to benefit from proven, practical green building solutions; solutions that improve a better quality of life for all.

Demonstrating our Commitment to ED&I

We are committed to ensuring our organization exemplifies equity, diversity, and inclusion, from its Board of Directors, staff, and constituents. We will continue to engage with our partners, allies, community members, donors, and others to ensure our mission and strategy are equitable, inclusive, and just.

To learn more about our journey, below are a few actionable steps we have taken to continue our transformation.



Diversity & Inclusion Training

Our Board of Directors, volunteers, and staff participated in a one-day Diversity & Inclusion Training with SALTWATER Social Justice Training.


ED&I Committee Formed

After completing the Diversity & Inclusion training, we formed an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee to provide oversight and accountability to our ED&I work.


Board of Directors Updates Bylaws

Our membership and Board crafted and approved a bylaws update that included a statement to help us more formally monitor and improve diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organization.


First ED&I Roundtable Held

The panelists shared both professional and personal insights on what it means to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization, cultivating relationships with community organizations, and actionable steps for Illinois Green going forward. 


Board & Staff Complete IDI Assessment

The Board and staff completed an Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assessment. This assessed cross-cultural competencies of the organization and increased organization-level understanding of intercultural issues.


BLM Statement from the Board

We released a statement condemning the systemic racism that has contributed to socio-economic and racial injustice. We acknowledge the work our organization needs to do to fight against structures of systemic inequities, privilege, and racial disparity.


Racial Equity Training

Cream City Conservation provided a history of the construction of race, a key component in driving inequities. The Board, staff, and volunteers examined the intricate relationship between race on interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels.


Green Building Advocacy Roundtable Held

The panelists explored the link between racial injustices and the climate crisis and how green buildings are a key component to creating equitable, sustainable communities. Watch the recording.


Equity Elements of CEJA Panel Held

Panelists highlighted components of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act that will diversify the clean energy workforce, ensure access to renewable energy, and advance net zero buildings for all communities. View the recording.

ED&I Committee

The Illinois Green Alliance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed in 2018. The Committee consists of members of the board of directors, staff, volunteers, and a strategic advisor committed to overseeing and providing guidance on organizational EDI efforts, including the development of programming and educational offerings, initiatives, and partnerships.

Committee Members

  • Amaris Alanis-Ribeiro, Chicago Park District, Center Director North Park Village Nature Center (Board of Directors, Strategic Advisor)
  • Michelle McClendon, Gilbane, Project Executive (Board of Directors, Committee Chair)
  • Royce Cunningham, ASG, Owner (Board of Directors)

  • Annalise Dum, JLL, Senior Sustainability Project Manager (Board of Directors)
  • Mohammad Abbasi, WSP USA, Healthy Building Specialist (Volunteer)
  • Prachi Sharma, Slipstream, Field Outreach Manager (Volunteer)
  • Erik Rasmussen, Davidoff Strategy, Project Manager (Volunteer)
    • Maya Coyle, Illinois Green Alliance, Building Performance Associate (Staff)


    • Brian Imus, Illinois Green Alliance, Executive Director (Staff)