Marion Junior High School: Climate Solutions 101: Middle School Edition

  • Project Type: Path to Net Zero
  • Students: 105
  • Staff: 1
  • Mentor: Tiffany Sulser
  • Location: Marion, IL
  • Grade Level: 7th grade

The Project

Marion Junior High School teacher Tiffany Sulser incorporated activities into her 7th grade class’ regular "Earth's Changing Climate" Amplify Unit, designed to educate students about possible solutions to mitigate climate change. Students learned how and why the climate is changing, and they learned about solutions to help the world reach "drawdown" — the point when levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby halting catastrophic climate change.

Tiffany Sulser

Teacher, Marion Junior High School

“So much of the information they get about global climate change is negative and about the damaging effects it's having all around them. I wanted to focus on the positive side and show them what we can do.”

Students completed the Amplify "Earth's Changing Climate" unit to learn how and why the climate is changing. Then they watched the Drawdown Solutions Series. They also participated in playing the Solutions board game which was designed from the Drawdown book which provides information on 75 possible solutions for reducing climate change.

The classroom was awarded an Illinois Green Schools Project mini grant to purchase a worm farm. The worms are a great learning tool to teach about decomposers.