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School registration is open August 16 - September 29

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Staff and Green Schools Mentors will always be readily available by phone or email to help! We are here to make this experience fun and impactful for all involved. If you run into problems, have questions about next steps, or just need some advice on your project pathway, you can always reach out to your personally assigned Green Schools Mentor. Staff is also always available at or you can reach out to Twyla Neely-Streit, our staff point of contact, directly.

Registration Check List

Watch the ILGSP Program Overview

Before signing up, we recommend watching the quick 4-minute overview video on the Illinois Green Schools Project main page, to learn a little more about the project. This will give you a better feel for the mission and scope of the program.

Establish a Green Team Leader.

The individual who fills out their schools registration form, is agreeing to act as Green Team Leader for their school. The Green Team Leader is the point person for communication with Illinois Green and their mentor, as well as with students. They fill out the school registration form, initiate Green Team meetings, facilitate project work, and submit final results to Illinois Green Alliance.

*We typically recommend that this role be performed by a teacher or student club leader; someone who works with students, and has support from the school’s administration to adjust curriculum and lead student projects.

Have an idea of who will make up your Green Team.

Your Green Team should include an adult facilitator, known as the Green Team Leader, and a class or club of students. If you choose to be assigned a Green Schools Mentor, your mentor will also be a member of your green team. Your team can also include and get support from other Green Schools Champions like school administration, additional teachers, school nurses, facility managers, custodians, food services, educational support staff, student organizations, parents, parent-teacher organizations, and community organizations engaged in the school.

Consider what type of project you'd like to pursue.

In the School Registration Form, Green Team Leaders can describe their sustainability goals, and let us know if they have a particular type of project in mind. Check out our Project Database for an idea of the types of projects we recommend to schools. Each school is assigned a Green Schools Mentor based on compatibility with their sustainability interests and desired direction for their project. You can also request or be requested by a specific mentor through the registration form. If you have a mentor in mind, make sure they register!

Confirm that you have the support of your administration!

It is important to have the consent of your administration before you sign up for the Illinois Green Schools Project. When green teams want to take school-wide action, they will need support and authorization.

Save the Date for the virtual Program Kick-Off on October 19th.

All project participants must join the virtual orientation on October 19th to learn about the project, expectations, resources, and meet the other participants.

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