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  • Name: Ann Kapustiak

    Preferred Name: Ann

    Pronouns: she/her

    Company Name: Smithbucklin

    City: Chicago

    Company website:

    Job Title: Membership & Operations Coordinator

    Professional Industry Category: Nonprofit & Environmental Organizations|Consulting|Professional Societies and Trade Associations

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Seasoned and dynamic program lead and public relations professional with proven expertise championing systems change and overseeing sustainable programmatic growth. My expertise lies in solving problems before they begin and collaborating with outside stakeholders. I thrive in mission-driven organizations with a strong focus on further skills development, an inclusive culture, and opportunities to make meaningful social, governmental, and environmental impact in my community. I currently serve as a Membership & Operations Coordinator on the association management team at Smithbucklin in Chicago. I am looking to connect with membership organizations and trade groups looking for more organizational governance support. Additionally, I would love to get advice and insight on how to advocate for sustainable change within my organization.

    LinkedIn Profile: