Meet the Members of the 2022 Auxiliary Board

The Auxiliary Board is a diverse group of young professionals dedicated to supporting Illinois Green Alliance’s mission to promote green buildings and sustainable communities for all. 

Through education & networking events and strategic collaboration, the Auxiliary Board builds crucial ties to advance our mission.

Miranda Wright – Co Chair

Project Architect, Hartshorne Plunkard Architects

I volunteer to help create a sense of community with people of like minded goals and concerns for the future.

Owen Hull – Co Chair

Development Manager, Lendlease

Illinois Green offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with a group of dedicated and passionate professionals aligned with a common goal – to overcome the myriad challenges facing our time with patience and resolve so as to ensure future generations are able to enjoy our planet.

Kate Anderson

Account Executive, Johnson Controls

My vision for the Illinois Green Alliance is that it continues to be an organization that brings together people who have a common concern for nature and social justice that are eager and willing to take swift action towards net zero.  I volunteer in hopes that I can advance sustainability initiatives in Illinois through fostering education about green technology and connecting people!  

Ian Champ

Senior Energy Analyst, AECOM

I volunteer with Illinois Green to make a small difference in our local community with fellow environmentally-minded people. I seek to do my part to bring the resources and influence Illinois Green possesses to elevate and support our fellow community members in their efforts to make a healthier, greener, and more equitable community for all. Through this opportunity, I also seek to bring Illinois Green out of traditional industry silos and into the community to foster interest in the climate, health, energy, environmental and entrepreneurial disciplines as well as recruit individuals from groups that have historically been underrepresented or unrepresented in Illinois Green’s membership and programmatic focuses to serve on the Auxiliary Board.

Bingxu Chen

Deals Advisory Senior Associate, PwC

Joining IGA would allow me to meet and partner with more motivated individuals who are interested in building a sustainable Chicago and promote practical and economical solutions. Even though I have spent the last three years improving my strategic and technical acumen, the opportunities at IGA can help me accelerate my journey to tackle our sustainability challenges.

Ayush Chobe

Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Chicago

There is a famous Chinese proverb that says that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second-best time is now. Similar can be said when it comes to improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Volunteering in Illinois Green would allow me to work on this thought and help me to generate some concrete ideas towards the same.

Natalia Gardocki

Program Marketing Manager, Walker-Miller Energy Services

I chose to volunteer my time as a part of Illinois Green’s Auxiliary Board because I really care about the organization’s mission to promote green buildings and more sustainable communities. The events the Auxiliary Board puts on every year are an amazing way to meet like-minded folks in the energy industry and I’m really excited to help plan and organize these events! 

Kate Holly

Sustainability Coordinator, Leading Edge

I volunteer with Illinois Green to engage with others in my home state who are passionate about sustainability. Through education and collaboration, I hope to help our communities build resilience to the environmental, social, and economic impacts they face. Ultimately, I want to support and invest in local, Chicago neighborhoods in a way that contributes to the people and the planet alike.

Adam Householder

Portfolio Energy and Sustainability Manager, JLL

I volunteer at Illinois Green to educate and learn. Illinois Green is a great place to connect with the industry all stars of the sustainability and energy efficiency community.

Justin Johnson

Energy Field Specialist, Evergreen Consulting Group

I volunteer with Illinois Green because I have a deep passion and enthusiasm for nature and outdoor activities. Living in an urban area, I thought it was important to connect with folks that feel the value our Mother Earth has since many of us in Chicago are so disconnected from nature on a daily basis. Volunteering with my Illinois Green peers has allowed me to share that passion and make great friends along the way.

Brian Keller

Associate, Waypoint Energy

I volunteer with Illinois Green to expand my knowledge of environmental sustainability and have the opportunity to better my community.

Ivy Klee

Resource Management Coordinator, Kane County Government Center

Volunteering with Illinois Green Alliance has introduced me to a community of like-minded, sustainability professionals in the Chicago region who value making a difference in their daily work. I have enjoyed working alongside other volunteers to plan creative, engaging events to educate and involve community members. I am proud to be a team member of the Auxiliary Board and so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer! 

David Lopez

Senior Sustainability Assistant, Deloitte

I volunteer with Illinois Green Alliance to be part of a diverse community committed to promoting green buildings and building sustainable communities. Additionally, volunteering with the Illinois Green Alliance provides valuable opportunities to network with professionals across various industries.

Lauren McManus

Senior Analyst, Clareo

I volunteer with Illinois Green because of its strong community focus in my home state. Working with other volunteers, I want to spread awareness, convene stakeholders, and inspire action to reach net zero — together!

Elias Menninger

Associate Consultant, SECC, WSP USA

I volunteer with Illinois Green because it gives me a chance to not only make a difference and help build a more resilient, future-ready Chicago, but also I get to volunteer with and work alongside some of the brightest minds in sustainability.

Brandon Pieczynski

Commissioning & Energy Engineer, Baumann Consulting

Luke Rossi

Sr. Associate, Modern Energy

Green building is a critical component in achieving Illinois’s sustainability goals, improving our infrastructure, and creating better living environments for all.  I am thrilled to be joining the Illinois Green Alliance to help them advance their aspirations for green building and all the societal benefits that come with it.

Jackson Sattell

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Lawyer, Benesch

I volunteer with Illinois Green in order to facilitate the spread of green building ideas in the community.  Through inspiring green innovation locally, we can continue making Illinois a beacon of green building nationwide.

Prachi Sharma

Project Manager, Slipstream

I volunteer because Illinois Green Alliance’s goals align with me personally and help me contribute to a cause that I care about. It gives me the opportunity to connect with the broader Sustainability community and expand my skill set.

Amelia Sisk

Associate Program Manager, Resource Innovations

I volunteer with Illinois Green because I believe in the power of collective action to combat climate change and achieve sustainable development goals. Using our shared voice to change the way we do business, particularly the way we use gas and electricity, is paramount to creating an equitable and clean energy future.

Cameron Small

Mechanical Engineer, Salas O’Brien

I volunteer with Illinois Green Alliance to utilize my professional experience and passion for sustainability to bring about change within the Chicago built environment. I believe that working together with like minded individuals with unique skill sets is the key to achieving our greater goal of combating climate change for the present and future.

Laura Turner

Senior Analyst, Waypoint Energy

I volunteer with Illinois Green to connect with like-minded professionals and help champion sustainability in the built environment in Chicago.