Meet our Summer 2023 Outreach Engagement Intern: LeNece De Salle

LeNece De Salle will be wrapping up her summer internship with Illinois Green Alliance next week. In this role, she . She is currently a 4th year student at Columbia University Chicago studying design management and interior architecture. At Illinois Green Alliance, she focused on the Illinois Green Schools Project and Hub Resource, taking on diverse responsibilities like conducting in-depth research for educational resources, gathering information for Playbooks, and creating a Master Green Schools Project Cohort spreadsheet, emphasizing Environmental Justice communities. These experiences led to open discussions on energy efficiency, sustainable design, and outreach, revealing the impactful role of industry professionals in driving positive economic change.

LeNece is a creative thinker and business-minded individual with experience planning and organizing the design of commercial interiors. Especially well-versed in developing initial ideas for design and acquiring key information to determine specific requirements for spaces. She is a forward thinker and optimistic youngster who has big plans to rebuild the world around us with her passion for environmental sustainability and health. She came to Illinois Green for an internship to have the opportunity to learn how she can make a real difference in promoting green buildings and sustainable communities throughout Illinois. Through learning, research, and engaging with communities and schools, she believes she plays a role in creating a more sustainable future for Illinois.

Q & A with LeNece

Why did you want to intern with Illinois Green Alliance?

I wanted to intern at Illinois Green because I wanted to insert myself into a role that
would let me share my ideas and make an impact on people’s lives through my views on
environmental sustainability, health, and design.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned so far?

I would have to say the coolest thing I’ve learned is how Illinois Green is trying to make
an impact on industry leaders and children in school. The Illinois Green Alliance’s
initiatives, such as the Neighborhood Power Project and the Illinois Green Schools
Project, provided me with exposure to various aspects of green building education. This
exposure was a valuable learning experience and kept me interested in this field.

What story are you most excited to share?

At the end of my internship, I would say working at Illinois Green has left me with a
sense of fulfillment, knowing that my efforts have contributed to positive change and
made a meaningful difference in promoting green buildings and sustainable
communities. I’m going to continue pursuing a career in the design sector that focuses
on sustainability, become a leader in my industry, and carry some of the ideals Illinois
Green has into my next career.

Where does your passion for sustainability come from?

I was a girl scout growing up, in which I learned how to care for nature, and in turn, I
grew to appreciate the health of the environment and how others live their lives.

Where does your passion for design and architecture come from?

It comes from my hobby of photography and taking pictures of buildings’ intricate design
details and structures. I was captivated and loved to know the story behind every
building I captured. I visited my local library often and checked out floor plan guides
which I copied in order to understand the proper way in which people create living
spaces for themselves. I love the feeling of making someone feel at home and safe and
that’s where that passion comes from.

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