LEED Convene & Connect: Chicago Session

Nov 17, 2022 3:00PM—6:00PM


Skydeck Chicago 233 South Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60606

Cost Free

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Join U.S. Green Building Council President and CEO, Peter Templeton, USGBC organizational and community leaders and LEED technical staff including Melissa Baker, senior vice president of LEED, for the next iteration of our LEED Convene and Connects. This session will explore the principles of The Future of LEED and outline how this phased approach will respond to the critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

For almost three decades, LEED has challenged the status quo and pushed industries, governments and the private sector to change the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. We also know that given the current reality of climate change and public health, LEED and our collective work to date has just scratched the surface of what we can—and need to achieve. LEED must meet the needs of an incredibly wide and diverse audience, while at the same time, never relenting in it’s pursuit of market transformation.

With the direction and goals of future versions of LEED outlined in the Future of LEED, the next step is turning the principles into action. And we are just as committed to inclusion in this process as we were in working on the principles that underpin it.

As we explore strategies that will be featured in the next version of LEED, we invite you to join us to hear firsthand how project teams are reaching for the goals we know are so critical and to provide feedback on what that could look like when scaled for global use.

Join us. These conversations are ongoing, and it will take our collective knowledge, passion and commitment to achieve these goals. You have invested a lot in LEED, and we are humbly asking for you to invest your time once again. As leaders in your respective industries, your voice should be at the table, helping us shape the future so it continues to evolve and meet your needs.

Featured Speakers:

• Peter Templeton, President and CEO, USGBC

• Melissa Baker, Senior Vice President, USGBC


• Michelle Halle Stern, The Green Facilitator

• Helen Kessler, HJKessler Associates

• Lois Vitt Sale, Wight & Company

• Brian Imus, Illinois Green Alliance

• Barbara Hickey, Willis Tower

• Patty Lloyd, Leopardo Companies