The Illinois Green Alliance’s Carbon Drawdown Advisory Board provides technical and strategic guidance as the organization develops new programming and educational offerings, and recommends new initiatives and partnerships that will help us achieve the plan’s goals.

The Carbon Drawdown Advisory Board includes a mix of experts with different backgrounds. The Advisory board members are approved by the Illinois Green Alliance’s Board of Directors and serve renewable one-year terms.

2020 Carbon Drawdown Advisory Board

Arathi Gowda, SOM
Booker Vance, Elevate Energy
Marge Anderson, Slipstream
Nootan Bharani, Place Lab at University of Chicago
Jenny Carney, WSP
Joyce Coffee, Climate Resilience Consulting
Rand Ekman, HKS
Ryan Dick, GIGA
Becky Stanfield, Energy Foundation
Lois Vitt Sale, Wight and Company
Karen Weigert, Slipstream
Christopher Wheat, NRDC
Emma Cox, McDonald’s