Wolcott College Prep: Student Led Green Shield Certification for Healthy Schools

  • Project Type: Path to Net Zero, Indoor Environmental Quality, Native Plant, Sustainability Plan Development, Waste Reduction
  • Students: 6
  • Staff: 3
  • Mentors: Matt Johnson, Melissa Rodas
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Grade Level: 12th Grade

The Project

Wolcott College Prep brought Integrated Pest Management (IPM) expert Dr. Thomas Green to their school to provide students and staff with interactive training and technical support for insect, arachnid, weed, rodent, and pathogen management and mitigation.

Dr. Green will incorporate these observations and recommendations into his Green Shield Certified (GSC) for Facilities evaluation report, which offers Wolcott a pathway to practicing advanced IPM.

Wolcott students will then apply their IPM expertise to help other local facilities implement low-risk pest management techniques, including management of turf and ornamentals. In spring of 2023, Dr. Green will provide Wolcott students and staff an interim GSC for Facilities evaluation report. The report will inform Wolcott if it achieved the GSC standards by meeting all GSC minimum requirements and scoring 80% or above on the evaluation’s “IPM Scorecard”.