Skinner North: Air Quality

  • Project Type: Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Students: 25
  • Staff: 2
  • Mentors: Matt Johnson, Melissa Rodas
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Grade Level: 8th Grade

Eighth graders at Skinner North researched how to measure and improve indoor air quality, and created a plan that involved integrating an indoor classroom garden. Faculty leaders hope that this single-classroom project can be applied to the entire school community. 

Students began by brainstorming areas of interest, and they eventually narrowed the topic down to focus on improving air quality. They then researched solutions and submitted a proposal with a budget and timeframe for completion. 

Using the Illinois Green Alliance mini grant, the class purchased Peace Lillies to incorporate into an indoor garden, aimed to improve indoor air quality. The class can enjoy the plants while also learning about responsibility and horticultural care.

Zach Schroeder

Teacher, Skinner North

“We hope that the results are compelling. Then, we would introduce this idea to the rest of the school. We hope that each classroom would eventually adopt the indoor garden to purify the classroom air.”