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  • Name: Nicole Wheatly

    Preferred Name: Nicole

    Company Name: Steps Inc. Consulting

    City: Chicago

    Company website:

    Job Title: President

    Professional Industry Category: Developer/Planner|Consulting|Real Estate and Property Management

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Nicole Wheatly is a dynamic force in community revitalization, driven by a deep commitment to empowering residents and businesses to thrive together. With over two decades of experience as a Community Development Planner, Nicole's expertise lies in crafting innovative strategies for business and housing development, breathing new life into neglected neighborhoods. As the founder of Steps Inc. Consulting, Nicole leads a team dedicated to creating comprehensive community plans that address a spectrum of needs, from bolstering businesses and housing to enhancing education, social services, and safety. Complementing this endeavor, Nicole established A Step Beyond, a nonprofit organization focused on fostering homeownership and entrepreneurship to catalyze neighborhood revitalization. Nicole's academic achievements include a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from DePaul University, along with a Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies, with a concentration in Urban Studies.

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    Company Designation(s):: Minority-Owned Business|Women-Owned Business