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  • Name: Brandi Nye

    Company Name: AEP Energy

    City: Chicago

    Company website:

    Job Title: Business Development Manager

    Professional Industry Category: Consulting|Corporate and Retail|Utilities

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Brandi Nye, Business Development Manager at AEP Energy, has over 10 years of energy experience in developing new products and services, regulatory rate design, economic and business development and community resiliency logistics leadership. Brandi has extensive product and project management experience and is currently supporting energy sustainability advisory and strategic partnerships for decarbonization solutions. Over the last 4 years, Brandi has developed decarbonization solutions through her innovation training and sustainability competencies in systems, anticipatory and values thinking. Brandi has an MBA from the University of New Orleans and her Executive Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University where she also worked for the School of Global Futures as an Academic Associate. She is also an active board member for Boys Town Louisiana.

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