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  • Name: Amy Amaon

    Preferred Name: Amy

    Pronouns: she/her

    City: Chicago

    Job Title: Sustainability Manager

    Professional Industry Category: Consulting|Real Estate and Property Management|Insurance, Banking, & Financial Services

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Amy Marie Amaon is a former farm kid from South Texas who strives to live by the 4-H motto of "making the best, better" in all that she does. She has a background in Mechanical and Energy Engineering and started her career in the industrial reliability space. This included creating preventative maintenance strategies, supporting research and development efforts, and becoming an SME for a industry-specific software program that operated similarly to a CMMS. She transitioned to a formal role in the sustainability space in 2022 after coming to realize that she wanted to make a bigger impact on the world than would be possible in the space she was in. She is a Masters of Science in Sustainable Management candidate at DePaul University and will complete her degree in early 2023.

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