Spandrel Panels – A Challenge for Code Compliance 

Apr 11, 2024 12:00PM—1:00PM



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Join Illinois Green for a technical deep dive into spandrel design and challenges with energy code compliance.  

Hear from an experienced team of dbHMS professionals as they review this issue from the design and construction phases of a project using energy modeling analyses, commissioning experience, and case studies, while identifying proposed solutions. 

In a glazing system, alongside the transparent vision glass, spandrel panels are incorporated to aesthetically conceal portions of the building—and appear opaque as a result. Energy codes categorize envelope surfaces into two groups: opaque or vision, which presents a challenge with spandrel panels that do not achieve the same R-values as their opaque wall system counterparts.  

Losses due to the metal components of the spandrel panels, which function as a unique wall-like system within an overall glazing system, leave room for inaccuracies in the overall opaque R-value calculations. The quality of the installation can lead to issues such as condensation that are only noticed after turnover has occurred, making this a concern for owners, designers, and builders alike.  


  • Ana Gabriela Alvarez, Building Performance Analyst, DataBased+ dbHMS
  • Khadijah Nesbitt, Building Enclosure Commissioning Project Manager, Commissioning Studio dbHMS