Project Ideas: Energy

  • Start an education program teaching energy-reduction techniques for lighting and lightbulbs
  • Reduce plug load power consumption by installing efficient power strips
  • Reduce plug load power consumption through an education campaign
  • Bring daylighting practices into your classroom to reduce use of artificial lighting
  • Create an Energy Weekend Team to ensure all lights and power strips are turned off and all curtains and windows are closed during weekends and breaks
  • Tour your mechanical room with your facilities or maintenance manager
  • Research & advocate for the use of onsite or offsite renewable energy in your school
  • Explore ways you can generate energy like biking and body power
  • Investigate and pitch school-wide energy measures to your maintenance staff, administration, or school board!
  • Explore the effects of light pollution and energy conservation measures
  • Investigate & find ways to reduce the Heat Island Effect and its impact on your school's energy use

See a student energy audit in Prince William County Virginia.

Project Case Studies: Energy

See example projects from the 2021-22 cohort of the Illinois Green Schools Project, and learn more about how they made it happen.

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