Unlock the Future of EV Charging for Your Urban, Multi-Tenant Properties 

By: Elbert Walters III

As electric vehicle (EV) rebates and incentives encourage eco-friendly transportation options, it's critical to equip your urban, multi-tenant properties with cutting-edge EV charging solutions. 

At Powering Chicago, we understand the unique challenges urban, multi-tenant communities face when it comes to EV charging. Proximity to the power source, multi-user charging needs, existing infrastructure complications, and the need for equitable access can make the transition seem daunting. However, our member contractors are experts in navigating these obstacles, offering tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate EV charging into your properties. 

We encourage you to partner directly with Powering Chicago's qualified contractors from the outset of your EV charging project. Our knowledgeable industry experts are leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to overcome hurdles and unlock the full potential of EV charging for your residents.  

Powering Chicago’s electrical contractors are finding innovative solutions for public and private sector charging needs as well as HOA’s, property managers, and the AEC industry.  Our qualified electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) experts are able to collaborate during every phase of your EVSE project.  They are well-versed in urban multi-user charging applications and can be your guide to finding the right solution for your project. 

From solar-powered EV charging ports to innovative curbside charging options, our contractors will work closely with you to develop and implement strategies that not only meet but exceed your community's needs. By collaborating with Powering Chicago, you'll benefit from:

  • Collaboration and guidance from design to completion for EVSE projects  
  • Cutting-edge EV charging solutions tailored to urban, multi-tenant environments 
  • Expertise in navigating complex electrical systems and space constraints 
  • Equitable access strategies that ensure all residents can participate 
  • Cost-effective installations that maximize your investment, as well as guidance on available rebates, funding programs, and incentives if applicable. 

Don't let the challenges of urban EV charging hold you back. Embrace the future with Powering Chicago's qualified electrical contractors and unlock the benefits of sustainable transportation for your community. 

Check out our EV charging installation resources and download our EVSE eBook and informational fact sheets to learn how to get started. You can also utilize our Find A Contractor tool to find a licensed electrical contractor for your next EVSE installation project. 

You can also learn more about how to maximize energy efficiency through building retrofitting via our fact sheet here. And for all of your solar electric and energy storage system installation needs, check out our solar resources here.

Elbert Walters III is the Executive Director of Powering Chicago, an electrical industry labor-management partnership within the metro Chicago region, and sits on the Building Energy Resource Hub Advisory Board.

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