What the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act Means for Green Buildings

by Brian Imus, Executive Director

Brian Imus, Executive Director

On September 15, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act was signed into law by Governor Pritzker. This nation-leading law delivers on the goal of a carbon-free power sector by 2045, increases the Illinois Solar for All program 5-fold, and extends electric efficiency programs beyond 2030. 

This victory is the result of three years of critical advocacy and grassroots engagement by the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, a network made up of more than 200 consumer, business, environmental, environmental justice, health care, and faith-based organizations, including Illinois Green Alliance. 

The law establishes Illinois as a leader and addresses keystone equity and jobs provisions that ensure a just transition to a clean energy future. The green building aspects will propel forward a healthy & resilient built environment across the state.

I am ecstatic about the months to come, during which we will continue to share cutting-edge building education and leadership on translating the policies contained in the law into action—action that will advance net zero buildings for all in Illinois. There is exciting work ahead to ensure effective implementation. 

Some highlights of the bill:

  • Puts Illinois on a path to 100% clean energy, and delivers carbon-free power by 2045
  • Creates thousands of good-paying jobs, especially in communities most impacted by climate change
  • Establishes nation-leading equity programs, 
  • Reduces pollution at the scale science demands, and holds utility companies accountable for corruption.

We join in this celebration with all members of the coalition, and you, our supporters, who inspire us daily to build a better future for everyone.