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In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we need your support to raise $30,000 to start 2023 off right. Your donations support our Illinois Green Schools Project, hiring a policy associate, and the groundwork to launch a new project to impact buildings with net zero technologies.

All Communities Deserve Green Buildings

For 20 years we've been the green building community of Illinois. We educate, advocate, and reduce barriers to high performance buildings across the state.

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Being a member demonstrates your passion and commitment to advancing green buildings in Illinois. Get connected to like-minded sustainability professionals and support green and equitable communities.


Building Decarb Tech Series: Modeling Deep Commercial Retrofits

Dec 06, 2022 12:00PM—1:30PM


THE Holiday Party

Dec 15, 2022 5:30PM—8:30PM

Bottom Lounge (2nd Floor) 1375 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60607

(Partner Event) Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

Jan 31, 2023—Feb 02, 2023


Meet the Candidates for the Board of Directors

November 1, 2022

This year the Illinois Green Alliance Board Elections Committee are pleased to present 8 candidates for consideration for 5 open board seats. The Board of Directors guides Illinois Green’s strategic vision – to make net…

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Our Initiatives

Professional Education

The professionals that design, build, and operate buildings are important advocates for net zero, and need a reliable source for the latest trends and technologies. We deliver effective educational programs, convening diverse professional stakeholders.

Existing Buildings Support

We believe that all communities deserve healthy, high performing buildings. Through our Neighborhood Power Project and Illinois Green Schools Project programs, we provide the support to show all building types can be net zero.

Green Building Policy

We must remove barriers by providing information about the technical and policy roadblocks to net zero adoption. We amplify building professional voices that impact green building policy and support the passage of major climate laws.

What We Believe

To combat climate change in Illinois, it's time we made net zero buildings feasible, affordable, and so commonplace that every building in Illinois by 2050 is net zero. Mainstreaming the technology and building methods, whether new or existing, will not be easy but no one is better positioned to make it happen than green building professionals.


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Our Community

"I chose to be a member and a volunteer for Illinois Green Alliance to grow my network of connections, and by joining I gained more than I could ever imagine. Over the past six years my colleagues have grown to be my friends, and I learn something new about sustainability, life, and myself through everyone and every event I attend."

Taylor Callahan
Illinois Green member since 2016