Chicago, IL // Spring 2021

At Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, students from all the environmental clubs, along with support from students working on climate projects in their sciences classes, joined together to plan and execute a week of Earth Week activities for the entire school community.

Activities included solar and sustainable fashion discussion panels, palm oil education origami, and options to get outside on Earth Day to plant or compost since school was not in session that day. The week culminated with a Green Pledge that students signed along with a competition between homerooms to track future green activities for the rest of the school year.

Project type: Energy (Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables), Native Plant or Food Garden, Outdoor Learning Space, Sustainability Plan Development, Waste Reduction (Recycling, Composting, Material Re-use), Technology – automated watering/rip irrigation system

Upgrading the Greenhouse

One of the major activities of the Earth Week celebration focused on improving the current greenhouse and developing plans to install new outdoor planters with a solar powered water pump and art installation space.


  • 25 students
  • 5 educators & staff
  • 5 community members
  • Earth Week activities and improvements to the greenhouse will benefit the entire school community.

Educators & Staff:

  • Karen Trine, Chemistry Teacher
  • Stu Abram, Robotics Teacher


  • Courtnie Kidd
  • Ajit Naik, Baumann Consulting