Chicago, IL // Spring 2021

The Urban Prairie Waldorf School Green Team set and achieved a number of sustainability goals this year with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The school retrofitted their lighting system with LED lights, which reduced overall energy consumption. Additionally, the Green Team applied for and were approved to become a Solar School through the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. Through this grant program, Urban Prairie Waldorf School will receive funds to support the installation of 1 kW photovoltaic system and students, teachers and the school community at large will be engaged once the installation is complete. In conjunction with the solar installation, a faculty member created a “Solar Scope and Sequence” plan to assist teachers to build up solar education through the grades. Urban Prairie Waldorf School hopes to use this project as a launching pad for comprehensive use of renewable energy to meet the energy needs of their school.

Project type: Energy (Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables), Outdoor Learning Space, Sustainability Plan Development

Solar Treats: S’more Please!

To learn about solar power, students created solar ovens out of recycled pizza boxes and enjoyed a sweet treat!

Exploring the Sun Through Art and Culture


  • 21 students
  • 3 educators & staff
  • 3 community members
  • The project will contribute to opportunities for the entire school to learn about renewable energy.

Educators & Staff:

  • Sharla Paul, Head of School
  • Kimberly George, Operations Coordinator
  • Ravi Parakkat, UPWS Parent and Board Member


  • Ken Detina, Siemens