Ted Krasnesky – Pepper Construction (Retired)
Member Since 2002

As a person of faith, I marvel at the beauty, diversity and regenerative power of our world. Apollo astronaut and artist Alan Bean reflected on the uniqueness and beauty of our earth when looking at it from the moon. As far as we know it is the only place that will sustain life, and we are its caretaker.

In 2002, I became aware of the built environment impact on sustainability through the US Green Building Council. The engineer in me enjoyed the challenge of building more sustainably, while saving cost and complimenting the architects design. I was fortunate that Pepper Construction shared my passion and allowed me to direct the organization’s sustainable construction efforts until I retired in 2015.

When I retired, I considered how I wanted to invest my time? How can I continue to benefit future generations? What organizations reflect my values? The Illinois Green Alliance is that type of organization. I hope to continue as volunteering as an Energy Efficiency Ambassador to understand more about how I can care for our environment and share that legacy with others.

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