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Posted Jun 28, 2022 Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third-largest school district in the United States, serving over 330,000 students in 600+ schools and employing nearly 36,000 people, most of them teachers. CPS has set ambitious goals to ensure that every student, in every school and every neighborhood, has access to a world-class learning experience that prepares each for success in college, career, and civic life. In order to fulfill this mission, we make three commitments to our students, their families, and all Chicagoans: academic progress, financial stability, and integrity. Six core values are embedded within these commitments – student-centered, whole child, equity, academic excellence, community partnership, and continuous learning.

The Capital Planning and Construction Department is committed to providing CPS students with a building that is safe, warm, and dry. The department’s mission is to make students and staff proud of their school so that they can concentrate on their studies and core missions, by investing in its physical assets (i.e. buildings, sites, and equipment) to ensure children have a safe and quality learning environment.

The Director of Energy and Sustainability will be responsible for managing and coordinating several high-profile initiatives including monitoring/reporting components related to the development and implementation of the CPS Nutrition Policies, Good Food Procurement Policy, green energy practices, recycling, composting, facilities usage and projects which will include programs that reduce and assess consumption patterns; develop conservation plans and coordinating initiatives with other city agencies while building and implementing the strategic vision to embed sustainability into the culture of Chicago Public Schools.

The Director, Energy & Sustainability will be held accountable for the following responsibilities:

Researches, develops, presents, and promotes sustainability initiatives, including energy conservation and zero waste information and programs. Prepares and presents data and achievements regarding energy consumption and recycling, costs, and usage throughout the organization. Responsible for the strategic planning and vision to embed sustainability into the culture of CPS
Provides input to the Executive Director on projects related to energy management and recycling and the purchase of any products that affect the sustainability of CPS.
Liaison with federal and state agencies and monitor state and national energy policy and recycling trends, and makes recommendations as to the policies that CPS should adopt.
Works as the point of contact for Citywide Administrative Services and the Mayor’s Office ofSustainability to reduce CPS’ carbon footprint in conformance with the City’s initiatives.
Responsible for the framework of school-based sustainability coordinators in providing reporting and tracking functions, training, and resources for schools to implement sustainability initiatives.
Prepares the annual report on sustainability.
Ensures proper usage of CPS facilities
Drives the continuous improvements of the Nutrition Programs through GFPP in conjunction with sister agencies.
Energy Management:

Promotes accountability and responsibility for energy conservation and usage through a localized plan and establishes processes for auditing and monitoring CPS energy consumption throughout the entire school system in conjunction with the Integrated Facilities Management Vendors.
Directs the research, development, application and trend analyses associated with energy consumption statistics of CPS school buildings resources such as natural gas and fuel oils.
Research energy conservation supported by the federal, state and city governments, assesses how CPS schools may be eligible for participation in such programs and ensures that standards are maintained in Department of Education buildings once initiated into the programs.
Reports to senior management on conservation and consumption of energy and develops solution-oriented business practices to reduce costs associated with energy consumption.
Responsible for the overall development of the Energy Conservation Initiative policies and guidelines which includes administration of the energy conservation campaign among CPS
Schools. Support Department of Education compliance with local, state, and federal energy policies and guidelines in order to effectively improve consumption and reduce waste.
Zero Waste Initiative:

Oversees program implementation and operation by providing technical support and guidance on program implementation and operation. Provides educational support and site-specific technical support. Acts as liaison between the CPS and the Sanitation Department on new programmatic information and operational issues.
Directs complex, technically oriented studies and surveys of management, policy methods, equipment manpower, and other related areas of school facilities recycling and waste management or education planning and policy development.
Prepares recommendations for improved efficiency of recycling/waste management operations and functions using quantitative analysis, cost analysis, and other research techniques. Prepares comprehensive reports on surveys or findings with recommendations for improved efficiency of recycling/waste management operations.
Research recycling initiatives supported by the federal, state, and city governments, assess how CPS schools may be eligible for participation in such programs, and ensures that standards are maintained in buildings once initiated into the programs.
In order to be successful and achieve the above responsibilities, the Director, Energy & Sustainability must possess the following qualifications:

Education Required:

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University is required.
Master’s degree Highly Preferred
Experience Required:

Minimum of Seven (7) Years of experience in one or a combination of the following: organizational research or program evaluation, personnel or public administration, fiscal management; or policy development.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to prepare written reports and presentations clearly and concisely.
Ability to make critical analysis, such as the cost benefit of analysis in determining courses of action.
Demonstrated success in the coordination of efforts among interests of varying sorts.
Experience in change management techniques and implementation.
Development and implementation of professional development tools and resources.
Ability to review curriculum and provide support for the implementation of the said curriculum.
Ability to coordinate multiple stakeholders and provide support to drive policy development.
Conditions of Employment

As a condition of employment with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), employees are required to:

Establish/Maintain Chicago Residency – Employees are required to live within the geographic boundaries of the City of Chicago within six months of their CPS hire date and maintain residency throughout their employment with the district.
Be Fully Vaccinated or Submit to Weekly COVID-19 Testing – Employees are required to be fully vaccinated within 30 days of their hire date. Full vaccination is defined as at least two weeks after your second shot of a two-shot vaccination course, or at least two weeks after a one-shot vaccination course. Unvaccinated staff must submit to weekly testing.


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