Meet Prachi Sharma! Prachi is from New Delhi, India, and is joining us during her fall semester as a graduate student intern. She is in her final year at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business where she is getting her degree focused on Sustainability. Her interest in sustainability started the first time she heard the words ‘climate change,’ ‘consumerism,’ and ‘overpopulation’; they had a lasting impact. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Architecture, she gravitated towards Climatology, Conservation, and Integrated Environmental Design – courses that focused on the dynamics between the environment and built design. Her graduate studies in Sustainability are providing a holistic view of management within the field. Her internship at Illinois Green Alliance is opening her eyes to topics beyond her sphere of knowledge and providing a unique and well-rounded platform with practical experiences that complement her theoretical courses and skill set. Her experience is providing a much-desired resilience required to deal with uncertainty, which is intrinsic within business. Her plans are to propagate sustainability practices in businesses. This fall, she is working on researching volunteer management platforms, creating a sustainability facilities operations guide for commercial buildings, and documenting a case study of Illinois Green’s energy and sustainability volunteer work, among other things.