Illinois Green Alliance is excited to have four awesome interns with us this summer! Keep reading to learn more about them, their interests, and what they’re working on with us. Make sure to say hello if you see them at events.


Meet Maddie Dubois!

Maddie is from Barrington, IL.  She is an incoming sophomore at Indiana University, and a Marketing major with a minor in IT at the Kelley School of Business. She’s interested in Illinois Green Alliance because of the endless volunteer opportunities and the organization’s dedication to sustainability. In the future, she is considering joining a “green”-focused business or consulting firm, so being involved in a sustainability-focused nonprofit has been an extremely rewarding opportunity. This summer, she is working on the website and marketing campaigns for the GreenBuilt Home Tour, as well as helping with marketing and communications for the Greenbuild conference. Her favorite pastimes are scuba diving and exploring Chicago with friends.




Meet Huan Liang!

Huan is from Perrysburg, OH, and is a rising senior at the University of Chicago, studying Statistics. This summer, he is working on a system to track Illinois Green Alliance’s program data and organizational goals, and creating a visual tool to share this information. He is interested in learning about how a nonprofit tracks data and uses this data to derive insights, as well as learning more about sustainability. This experience will help him gain practical data analysis and data visualization skills for his studies and future career. In his spare time, Huan is a fan of Euchre and Settlers of Catan.




Meet David Polzin!

David is from Sturgis, MI, and will be in his fourth year at Illinois Institute of Technology. He is in a five-year program, working towards a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering in Architectural Engineering. He is interested in building efficiency and using green building practices to develop built environments that are healthy, comfortable, and economical to construct and maintain. He considers Illinois Green Alliance a nexus of green development, which is allowing him to get a feel for the industry, as well as learn and apply a diverse building efficiency skill set. This summer, David is helping with energy benchmarking projects, creating an energy model for the Chicago Urban League to help better understand their energy consumption, researching carbon drawdown resources for the Illinois Green Alliance website, and developing a guide for building managers who want to run their buildings more efficiently. A favorite hobby of his is aquascaping planted freshwater aquariums.



Meet Riley Sester!

Riley is from Minnetonka, MN, and is a sophomore Sociology major at the University of Chicago. He is very passionate about sustainability and is fascinated by urban issues like development; the Illinois Green Alliance offers a very appealing intersection between these two topics through the work they do with green buildings. He plans to pursue a career in environmental law and hopes to gain a valuable perspective on environmental work in general through this internship. This summer, Riley is helping with the GreenBuilt Home Tour and working on projects related to carbon drawdown strategies and energy savings programs that are relevant to individuals. In his spare time, Riley enjoys playing the trumpet.