What is happening?

The City of Chicago has proposed an update on the City’s energy benchmarking ordinance. The current ordinance, which was established in 2013, requires buildings of 50,000 square feet or more to take steps to measure and report on their energy usage. The ordinance covers roughly 23% of the city’s energy use, and has reduced energy usage roughly 4%. By updating the ordinance, Chicago stands to save even more.

The benchmarking ordinance requires annual assessments of energy usage, and most buildings receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score once they report their energy use. For increasing transparency and awareness, the city is now proposing that in addition to the ENERGY STAR score, buildings receive a new rating based on a four-star system that will reflect how well the building has incorporated energy efficiency measures. This new rating layer will provide an additional incentive for building owners to make their properties more efficient, and provide a more accessible way for the public to understand which buildings are working to reduce their energy usage.

What you can do?

Tell your Alderman to vote in support of this new ordinance.