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  • Name: Jacob Knabb

    Pronouns: He/His

    Company Name: Chicago Association Of REALTORS

    City: Chicago

    Job Title: Director of Commercial & Sustainability Services

    Professional Industry Category: Professional Societies and Trade Associations

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Jacob S. Knabb is Director of Commercial & Sustainability services at the Chicago Association of REALTORS(R). He is a tech-savvy leader with dynamic communications, event planning, marketing, and editorial skills. He has a strong interest in sustainability and "green" real estate practices and is looking for opportunities to collaborate on events, development tours, publications, smart growth and placemaking opportunities, continuing education/professional development, and all other avenues to connect REALTORS(R) with folks trying to make the real estate world a more sustainable place. Knabb excels in front of a laptop, behind a microphone, at the head of a committee, in the back of the school bus, and on the expo floor. Let's change the world and then hit a karaoke bar to celebrate!

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    Company Designation(s):: Nonprofit Organization