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    Preferred Name: ASLIHAN

    Pronouns: she/her

    Company Name: University of Illinois at Chicago

    City: Chicago

    Company website:

    Job Title: Professor

    Professional Industry Category: Educational and Research Institutions|Energy|Engineering

    Bio (for inclusion in the member directory): Dr. Karatas is a Civil Engineering professor at UIC. She has strong background in research, teaching, and mentoring in construction engineering and management with an emphasis in sustainable construction, building energy efficiency, and optimization. She is the director of the UIC Built Environment and Infrastructure Laboratory. Her current research projects specifically focuses built environment optimization, energy efficiency of building element and noise-exposure level of construction workers. Her teaching and education skills focus on developing and implementing activities for K-12 and secondary engineering education level- fostering curiosity, connections and the creation of value. She is also academic advisor, advisory board member, and instructor for BUILD INITIATIVE Project:Accelerate! (PA) program since 2015.

    LinkedIn Profile:

    Professional Credentials: LEED AP+

    Company Designation(s):: Nonprofit Organization