Meet the 2022 Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is a group of volunteers who lead the selection, development, and implementation of Illinois Green Alliance’s education programs. Find out how you can get involved in green building this year.

Thomas Dietz – Chair

Associate, Jaeger Nickola Kuhlman & Associates Architects

I volunteer because I believe strongly in the necessity of conservation as both a cultural and environmental force, and because I wish to demonstrate that commitment in a meaningful way through my professional work and associations.  Additionally, I believe volunteer activity provides a means to invest in the larger community whilst also fostering one’s own personal growth.

Jill Ackermann

Jill Ackermann

Project Manager, Breea

I volunteer with Illinois Green to help promote accessible education on important sustainability topics, as well as connect with like-minded peers. 

Jennifer Alvarado

Senior Program Manager, The Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Programs

I am volunteering and joining the IGA Program’s Committee to bring 20 years of experience in the regional sustainability sector along with my  organizational and planning skills to assist IGA in accomplishing their strategic plan. I look forward to expanding my professional network in Illinois through these activities.

Wayne Beals

Wayne Beals

Managing Broker, The Beals Group at EXIT Strategy Realty

Getting traction to green building practices will take lots of sharing and networking.  The membership of the Illinois Green Alliance is the ultimate collection of sustainability professionals in the region.  Being a member and being involved gives me a front row seat to emerging trends in the design and construction fields that will eventually change the residential real estate market. The IGA provides a valuable podium to bring information back to my Realtor colleagues.

Brian Burgess

Field Services Team Leader, Earthwise Environmental

The positive mission of IL Green speaks for itself. My passion is to be part of helping other building professionals design and maintain their buildings with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Anjana Dalal

Principal, ASD Consulting INC.

The positive mission of IL Green speaks for I continue to volunteer at IGA because the environment / planet continues to be in dire straits and IGA brings together a group of truly smart and passionate people / experts in GREEN who are pushing hard to move the needle on educating businesses and private citizens on how to create a more sustainable and healthy environment. The variety of topics which IGA is touching (net zero, decarbonization, water, etc) is fascinating and there is a huge opportunity in transforming the world we live in by better understanding how to use our available resources. My goal is to help make a difference in this journey.

Allen Dusault

Senior Program Manager, Franklin Energy

Illinois Green Alliance is one of the few forums in Illinois that actively promote and educate citizens and other interested stakeholders about issues of sustainability.  With a focus on social justice, climate change and opportunities to reduce and transform our energy consumption, Illinois Green is open to all, and works hard to bring timely issues to participatory forums.  By working with the Programs Committee, I feel I can add to the dialogue and provide suggestions on topics and issues that may be ignored or little recognized in other educational forums. It is all about making a difference, and I feel I can do that volunteering for Illinois Green.

Mohammad Heidarinejad

Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

I volunteer with Illinois Green to support creating a sustainable and healthy future built environment especially in IL.

Jason LaFleur

Senior Manager Technology Deployment and Building Science, GTI

Education is a foundation for growing a low-carbon future and after years of helping develop local market competency, I see the Programs Committee as a great way to give back and continue helping the Illinois market transform, helping our local buildings evolve towards a decarbonized future that benefits everyone.

Chelsea Lamar

Sustainability Manager, Reyes Holdings

I volunteer at Illinois Green because I believe in the mission of the organization and enjoy supporting programming which makes a positive environmental impact.

Jason Meyering

Architect, Jason Meyering Architecture

I volunteer with Illinois Green Alliance as a way to stay connected with my colleagues in the green building industry, keep myself up to date on all the trends and technology in our field related to sustainability, and help all my colleagues stay as informed as I am.

Dan Moring

Project Manager, Slipstream

I volunteer for Illinois Green to collaborate with interesting, intelligent, dedicated people who share a vision for an innovative and inclusive profession and community.

Janet Olson

Principal, G|R|E|C Architects

I volunteer with Illinois Green to connect with others committed to sustainability and collaborate to have a positive impact across our industry.

Sophia Seol 

Researcher, Slipstream

Illinois Green has always been resourceful to learn more about net zero strategies since I moved to Chicago. I want to support those strategies that are leading to sustainable buildings and electrification. I am very excited to be a part of the Programs Committee and work collaboratively to promote net zero buildings and communities.

Aditya Singh

Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Student, Illinois Tech

I love IGA’s vision for environmental sustainability and social justice for all communities. I always like to give back to the community in any way possible and IGA provides me the platform to achieve them.

Rachel Starr

Intern Architect, HUSArchitecture

Illinois Green provides some of the most comprehensive programs about sustainability in construction and the built environment in Illinois! To help serve that purpose is personally fulfilling, and it is a great vantage point to see what’s next in the field. Illinois Green’s mission to educate is vital to a more sustainable and just future- something I want to be part of.

Alex Tompsidis

President, AT Mechanical Construction and Design

When people are told what to do or something is forced upon them, they will resist and not do those things or avoid them. When you paint a big picture AND offer economical common sense ideas and give people freedom to make their own decision they will make better decisions and inform other people in the process. Sustainable ideas and methods ARE BETTER IDEAS and produce positive benefits.

I want to help create the narrative that makes people WANT to do Sustainability and that is why I volunteer.