Kenilworth, IL // Spring 2021

The Joseph Sears School Green Team worked alongside their team of Green Schools Mentors from Humanscale to create positive environmental change and track their impact.

The Green Team was inspired by small actions, called ‘handprints,’ that have a positive impact on our planet and counterbalance our environmental footprint (negative impact). The Green Schools Mentors helped connect the school with the online platform to keep track of and grow their handprints as well as work together with others in local communities and around the world to expand the global handprint. The students, faculty, and their families utilized the platform as part of the school’s Earth Day celebration. The Green Team hopes that this will take off outside of the school through community members and that ripple effects will grow their handprint to exceed their footprint, ultimately leading to net positivity.

Project type: Alternative Transportation, Energy, Habitat Restoration & Biodiversity, Native Plant or Food Garden, Stormwater Management, Waste Reduction, Water

Make a Positive Impact for the Earth

The Handprinter platform helps students focus on the positive actions they can make, rather than the negative impact of the carbon footprint. This tool can help inspire hope and action-oriented stewardship of the environment.


  • 7 students
  • 3 educators and staff
  • 4 Green Schools Mentors
  • Will ultimately engage the entire student body, faculty, staff, and JSS families.

Educators & Staff:

  • Katie Nahrwold, Practical Arts Teacher & Outdoor Classroom Coordinator
  • Michelle Harradine, French Teacher
  • Barbara Rodriguez, Teacher


  • Jane Abernethy, Humanscale
  • Ross Bergman, Humanscale
  • Beth Cass, Humanscale
  • Stephanie Richardson, Humanscale