The Power of Peer Networks: Collaborating for Change

Apr 13, 2022 12:00PM—1:00PM


Zoom Webinar

Cost Free


How can practitioners come together in a non-competitive way to share insights and use their collective might to advance the uptake of sustainable practices in their industries? Sustainable Peer Networks.

Now more than ever it is important for groups to put their heads together in a solutions oriented way to accelerate change in each of their collective fields. This presentation will take the audience through the evolution of the national peer networks created by Building Green to the localized movements across the country bringing AEC practitioners together to share best practices and work through common struggles and goals. Representatives of several different peer groups will share their experience, the value of the group, concepts like cross-discipline meetups, equity in the built environment, the benefits of both the local and the national groups, and some of their collective successes, and why collaborating accelerates change in a moderated question and answer type of presentation. The presentation will conclude by helping to provide direction to audience members about how they might collaborate within their own industry with a peer network.