Building Decarb Tech Series: From the Windows to the Walls

Aug 08, 2022 12:00PM—1:30PM


Zoom Webinar

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Join Illinois Green Alliance for an excellent panel discussing how to tighten the building envelope through existing building retrofits.

About this event

With rising energy costs in our homes and business, and increased costs of construction materials, new solutions are needed for greater impact at less expense and utilizing less materials. The fastest way to reduce our footprint that exhibits low embodied energy, low carbon emission, and low cost, is to retrofit. This tech series will discuss several options for converting, retrofitting, and replacing window and wall elements for greater energy efficiency. Speakers will present research, data, and tools for architects, builders, and property owners to utilize in reducing their carbon footprint in a manner that is a moderate to low cost.

Saranya Gunasingh with Slipstream will present preliminary findings on her research into secondary glazing retrofits and how existing window systems can be vastly improve with the addition of interior glazing. Highlighting data, performance benefits, detailed solutions, and future of this technology and its accessibility.

Michael Bousfield with Cascadia Windows and Doors will discuss the impacts high performance windows and doors have on improving the overall performance, sharing resources and tools for building professionals and owners. Also discussing the impacts of step-codes and the revision of the Product-Category Rules for windows and doors.

Craig Schneider with Sustained Ability Construction will present information about the prefabricated envelope retrofit product he patented called Climate Panels, and how that fits into his efforts to create a replicable plan to substantially lower residential energy emissions. The overall thermal envelope, with aspects of the fenestration elements discussed by the other panelists, will be covered, including elements of potential space conditioning upgrades. Craig will share multiple energy model simulations and cost estimations for various options.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore envelope retrofit options for low socio-economic and disadvantaged communities.
  • Assess the cost and performance impacts of retrofit secondary glazing systems and possible techniques.
  • Discuss the disproportionate impact of windows on performance and the benefits of a high-performance window assembly.
  • Explore expansions on embodied energy and carbon saved by retrofitting and utilizing low carbon and low embodied energy materials.
  • Identify future possibilities of enhanced performance requirements of building remodels, retrofits, and real estate transactions.