Academic ESG Research: Enhancing Green Building Practices in Illinois

Jul 22, 2024 12:00PM—1:00PM



Cost Free

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Join Illinois Green for an examination of how Illinois universities are advancing cutting edge research on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in the built environment. 

This panel of leading Illinois professors and researchers will explore how interdisciplinary sustainability research is driving positive change across the building industry. Research topics include sustainability practices in business management and the ways in which data-informed decisions are reducing human health risks and energy consumption in the built environment.  

Each expert will provide an overview of their research—starting with recent successes impacting the industry and finishing with an exclusive preview of what’s still in the pipeline. Each speaker’s research can stand alone as a testament to the ingenuity that comes from Illinois schools, but together they will provide a unique, comprehensive, and insightful analysis of what the future of ESG might look like.  

The panel will finish with a Q&A session. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore how the building industry will be changed by innovative ESG practices.  


  • Mehdi Ashayeri, Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University’s School of Architecture Studies
    • Specialty area: Sustainability and AI/Machine Learning in the built environment 
  • Wenlong Gong, Manager, Microgrid Planning, Design and Operation at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation
    • Specialty area: Microgrid design and operation 
  • Sarah Ku, Assistant Professor at Loyola University’s School of Environmental Sustainability 
    • Specialty area: Sustainable business management practices