Partner with Illinois Green to achieve your operational sustainability goals in your building.

Whether your building is brand new or built decades ago, there’s a place for everyone to start when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainable operations. It’s up to you how involved and ambitious you would like to be.

Illinois Green staff and volunteers are ready and excited to work with your community-based organizations to conduct some analysis of the current operations of your building and work with you to prioritize next steps to become more energy, water, and waste efficient.

Read about organizations and buildings that have partnered with Illinois Green to advance their sustainable operations!
Learn more about how Illinois Green members volunteer with Efficient Chicago and meet some of our volunteers!

Start with a conversation about your organization’s current facility operations and what you’d like to accomplish regarding sustainability. Partnering with Illinois Green requires time and organizational commitment, but with more engagement comes more savings!

Contact Katie Kaluzny at for more information and learn how Illinois Green can support your efforts.