Chicago building energy use accounts for 71% of citywide greenhouse gas emissions and energy use accounts for up to 30% of all building operating costs. To help solve this challenge, we need to take action to help buildings in every Chicago neighborhood lower their carbon emissions and save money.

Through Efficient Chicago, Illinois Green Alliance partners with local organizations to advance efficient building operations and sustainability initiatives that save energy, save money, and strengthen communities. By working with Illinois Green and our volunteers, organizations and building occupants can become champions for sustainability in their local neighborhoods.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often provide critical services to their local community. If a non-profit also owns a physical building, valuable funding goes towards utility bills and other operational expenditures such as cleaning and office supplies and maintenance time and labor. What if those expenses could be reduced by implementing energy efficient and sustainability strategies across the organization? 

Find out how the Chicago Urban League is working to green their building.

Affordable Housing Properties

Affordable housing buildings provide homes for many low-income residents around the city. In some cases, utility costs are included in the rent, but in others, tenants must pay their own electric and gas bills. These costs can add up for a family living on a tight budget, or an organization who manages dozens, hundreds, or thousands of units. What if electricity and gas bills could be reduced by taking some easy steps? 

Learn about how Illinois Green and the Chicago Housing Authority are working together to promote efficiency.

Community Buildings

Public sector and other community buildings often manage sustainability initiatives through a number of different groups. A facilities manager might be in charge of the operations of a building, administrators might be in charge of the utility bills, and occupants might be interested in what they can do in their personal spaces. What if building occupants could implement strategies and behavioral changes to lower their resource use throughout a building?

Check out how Chicago Public Schools high school students got involved with energy efficiency at their schools.

Don’t fall into the building categories above? 

The BIT Building Program is an opportunity for any organization to take their operational sustainability goals even further. This framework drives the adoption of sustainability best practices in existing buildings, leading to measurable improvements. BIT focuses on the three impact areas most essential to a sustainable future: energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste reduction. BIT provides structure, peer support, expert guidance and public recognition for buildings working to reduce their operational impacts on the environment. Learn more here about the program.

For organizations and/or buildings

Do you want to work on your building’s energy efficiency? Do you have a sustainable building operations goal, but aren’t sure where to start?

Click here to find out more about how Illinois Green can help!

For individuals and volunteers

Are you an individual who would like to volunteer with the program and support buildings to achieve their operational sustainability goals?

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