Chicago building energy use accounts for 71% of citywide greenhouse gas emissions and energy use accounts for up to 30% of all building operating costs. Illinois Green Alliance is committed to engaging 3,500 Chicago buildings in adopting at least one carbon drawdown strategy. There are several initiatives to help building owners, operators, service providers and others in the real estate industry to take advantage of the latest in design, building practices and technologies that help move all Chicago buildings towards a carbon-positive future.

Energy Benchmarking & Energy Efficiency

The implementation of the 2013 Chicago Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance and 2016 Evanston Energy and Water Benchmarking Ordinance has increased awareness of building energy use and primed an audience for promoting vetted, carbon drawdown strategies to reduce building energy use. The experience of these buildings in implementing energy reduction and carbon drawdown strategies is providing a model and roadmap for energy efficiency action for neighboring communities and buildings outside of the policy requirements.

Beyond Benchmarking 101:

Sign-up for upcoming training to understand how you can use your benchmarking data to make energy efficiency improvements and save money in your building. Learn more here –>

Pro Bono Benchmarking:

Buildings in need, can apply for pro bono benchmarking support. Learn more here –>

BIT Buildings:

The BIT Building Program is a framework that drives the adoption of sustainability best practices in existing buildings, leading to measurable improvements. BIT focuses on the three impact areas most essential to a sustainable future: energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste reduction. BIT provides structure, peer support, expert guidance and public recognition for buildings working to reduce their operational impacts on the environment. Learn more here –>

Energy Services Database:
A compilation of professionals and contractors who provide energy benchmarking, data verification and other energy efficiency services in the Chicagoland area.  

This database is complimentary to the public. All information within each listing was provided in full by each organization on entry date noted at the bottom of each profile. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by USGBC- Illinois, the City of Chicago or the City of Evanston.

View individual organization listings with the links below or download the full list as an excel sheet in dropbox (updated 3/20/17).