Murphysboro, IL // Spring 2021

The Carruthers Green Team organized a school-wide Earth week celebration with learning activities for students in each grade level.

Third grade students learned about recycling, reducing, and reusing by melting leftover crayons and making new ones; fourth grade students learned about plastic pollution as well as energy efficiency with hands-on activities; and, fifth grade students learned about solar energy and analyzed energy production reports of the school’s solar panels.

Additionally, school-wide activities included, a monarch butterfly mosaic design contest that will be turned into a stepping stone and placed in the school’s pollinator garden, a Terracycle collection to reduce waste, an aluminum can collection to raise money for a local animal shelter, and demonstrations of solar ovens.

Project type: Energy (Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables), Waste Reduction (Recycling, Composting, Material Re-use)

From Solar Cooking

To Solar Panels

Compost for the Future

Students maintain the new school-wide compost pile — a project that will last beyond Earth Week.

Direct Impact of Carruthers Elementary Project






Professional Mentors

Educators & Staff:

  • April Bartnick, Special Education Teacher
  • Meteicha Green, Special Education Resource Teacher


  • Emmy Riley, Cyclone Energy Group
  • Lauren Longfellow, HKA