The Illinois Green Alliance’s Programs Committee is responsible for monthly educational programs on the latest trends in sustainable design and technology. Selected through an application-only process, the members represent a unique mix of industries and bring a broad range of experience and subject matter to the program planning process. Engage with sustainable design innovators and drive the conversation in Illinois’ green building industry. Committee members will lead the selection, development and implementation of monthly education programs, panel discussions, and tours by volunteering their time and expertise.

2021 Programs Committee Members:  

Elena Savona, Elevate Energy (Committee Chair)

Jenn Allen, Waypoint Partners

Taylor Callahan, 360 Energy

Anjana Dalal, ASD Consulting Inc

Thomas Dietz, Jaeger Nickola Kuhlman & Associates 

Isaac Elnecave, Passive House Institute US

Margaret Garascia, Elevate Energy

Vicki Lezon

Patty Lloyd, Leopardo

Jason Meyering, Jason Meyering Architecture

Iwona Mroz, Self-Employed

Rachel Starr

Monique Taylor, Legat Architects

Jim Topor, Sterling Bay

Damon Watson, NAACP Environmental Climate Justice Committee

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